Scenario Information

History of Presenting Illness/Situation:

Brief Presenting History: A 3-month-old female, born at 30 weeks’ gestational age, presents with a 2-day history of low grade fever, cough, nasal congestion, and “funny” breathing. There has also been poor feeding over this time period.

Further History Given on Request:  The mother states that within the last 6 hours the child has had two episodes in which she stopped crying, her face turned blue, and her chest stopped moving. The episodes lasted 30 seconds and resolved when the mother picked up the child.

Child has not fed since the previous evening

Past Medical History/Background:

PMH: Born at 30 weeks’ gestational age. Required CPAP for 2 days. No complications
Allergies:            None
Medications:     None  
Immunizations: UTD

Reading Material

2014 CPS Guidelines

2014 AAP Guidelines

Use of High-flow Nasal Cannula

2019 Problems with AAP Guidelines