Scenario Information

History of Presenting Illness/Situation:

1 month old is brought into the ED due to poor feeding and lethargy. Baby was apparently well until this morning when mom found it difficult to wake the baby to feed. There has been no fever. Baby vomited once this morning. Voiding and stooling normally. Nurse in triage notices abnormal movements and brings baby to the resuscitation room.

Past Medical History/Background:

Baby was born at 39 weeks GA to a G1P1 mother. Pregnancy was uncomplicated, GBS negative. No prolonged rupture of membranes or maternal fever. Baby went home with mom. Breast fed for first week then switched to bottles due to difficulty latching. No family history of blood disorders

Reading Material

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Additional Resources

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Bottom line recommendations (TREKK)

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Bottom line recommendations (TREKK)

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