Case 1

  • EMS has contacted ED triage – en-route with preterm delivery; ETA 5 minutes. 
  • Background: Mother is a 24 year old G1 mother previously healthy and uncomplicated pregnancy, no other antenatal information
  • Estimated 27 week gestational age, SVD, clear fluid, 10 minutes of life, delivery in ambulance, bag mask ventilation in progress
  • 1.0 O2, HR 110, colour pink/dusky – no access; patient arrives with damp blanket on & no monitors

Learning Material

2020 Neonatal Rapid Response Algorithm


2016 NRP Algorithm

2011 Medications Table

2015 NRP Flow Diagram (ACTS)

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2016 NRP Update. 7th Ed.

Neonatal Resuscitation – Emergency Cases

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