· Employ “Protected Resuscitation” model of minimizing the number of team members in the room, all the while maintaining standards of care.

· Demonstrate donning and doffing of PPE appropriate for AGMP (Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures).

· Safely medically manage an acutely ill suspected COVID19 patient during AEROSOL-GENERATING MEDICAL PROCEDURES such as Rapid Sequence Intubation.

· Demonstrate effective communication skills including closed-loop communication, pre-intubation timeout, and a shared mental model.

· Identify any latent safety threats in system and infection control during the simulation and collate lessons learned for quality improvement.

Case 1 – Asthma 

· Timmy is a 6 y/o boy with a history of severe asthma with previous ward and PICU admissions. He arrives with EMS on 10L O2 via non-rebreather mask.

· The patient does not respond to traditional management and becomes hypoxic and bradycardic.

· The patient requires CPR and intubation.

· Management of a patient with potential COVID infection

Case 2 – Myocarditis VT

· A 5 yo boy presents with a flu-like illness and goes into a pulseless VT rhythm.

· Participants are expected to manage pulseless VT, intubate the patient, and maintain appropriate PPE during and after an AGMP.

· Participants are expected to correctly use the Zoll defibrillator.

Learning Material

Protected Airway Checklist

SickKids Protected Code Blue Poster

Procedure for Intubation

Trauma – Resuscitation Team Members

Zoll R Series

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Humber River Hospital Protected Code Blue Strategy for Pandemics

Checklist 1 – Asthma

Checklist 2 – Myocarditis VT

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