· Maintain staff safety with donning and doffing PPE

· Safely medically manage an acutely ill suspected COVID19 patient during AEROSOL-GENERATING MEDICAL PROCEDURES (bagging, intubating, suctioning)

· Manage the parent who is also symptomatic alongside the patient with suspected COVID19

· Identify any latent safety threats in system and infection control (during care) while medically managing patient

· Collate all lessons learned from simulation to organization

Case Scenario

· 10-year-old male falls off skateboard with head injury. Becomes progressively more altered in the ED requiring intubation and prompt neuroimaging.

· The patient develops signs of increased ICP and herniation in the CT scan suite. Participants are required to manage raised ICP prior to going to the OR. CT reveals epidural hematoma.

· Participants are required to communicate with appropriate services in order to efficiently manage the patient – Neurosurgery, DI, ICU, and the OR.

· Management of a patient with potential COVID infection

Learning Material

Protected Trauma Response
(For AGMP, peri-arrest and cardiac arrest patients)

Trauma Activation Progression

Trauma Response Picture (May 3)

Timeout AGMP

Trauma Response (May 3)

Trauma Response Communication (May 4)

Ante Room Setup (May 4)

Protected Airway Checklist

Trauma – Resuscitation Team Members

Family Presence (May 4)

Case Checklist

Supplemental Learning Material